For studying pathological anatomy we offer gross-specimens, sheet plastinated slices and microspecimens.

Using our specimens, pathology can be studied at three levels: visual, under a small increase and at the light microscope.

Microscopic specimens   are very thin slices of human organs and tissues.  Every slice is impregnated with special dye in making process, which allows to contrast transparent microstructure of biological tissue.  After impregnation process, slices are put on the slide and covered with thin coverslip for protection. Microspesimens in the list intended for studying on usual light microscope. All microspecimens have labels and packed in the special plastic boxes.

The shown list includes only typical specimens for studying pathological anatomy. Specimens which are absent in the list could be produced after your request.  Some pathological specimens are very rare and that’s why we have special program «An order list». All unique cases which our clients ordered before are in this program. Thereby, making of some specimens takes about 12 months after request. 

In order to receive our catalogue and photos of the specimens, please send us your order, indicating your name and occupation.

Pictures of spesimens you can view in our gallery.

This page includes:

Locomotor System

Code Item description Remarks
  PLS-1 Bone Osteosarcoma  
  PLS-2 Bone Chondrosarcoma  
  PLS-3 Enchondroma  
  PLS-4 Osteochondroma exostoses (in vertebrae)  
  PLS-5 Osteomyelitis  
  PLS-6 Ewings sarcoma  
  PLS-7 Giant cell tumour  
  PLS-8 Bone Metastasis  
  PLS-9 Osteoporosis  
  PLS-10 Osteoarthritis  
  PLS-11 Rheumatoid Arthritis  
  PLS-12 Gout  
  PLS-13 Osteoma  


Gastro Intestinal System

Code Item description Remarks
  PDS-1 Cancer Tongue  
  PDS-2 Pleomorphic adenoma parotids  
  PDS-3 Carcinoma Esophagus  
  PDS-4 Esophageal diverticul  
  PDS-5 Esophageal varices  
  PDS-6 Barrett esophagus  
  PDS-7 Cancer Stomach  
  PDS-8 Pyloric stenosis  
  PDS-9 Peptic Ulcer  
  PDS-10 Intussusception  
  PDS-11 Meckel diverticulum  
  PDS-12 Acute Suppurative Appendicitis  
  PDS-13 Colon (Stomach) Multiple Polyps  
  PDS-14 Ulcerative Colitis  
  PDS-15 Crohn's Disease  
  PDS-16 Colon Cancer  
  PDS-17 Colon Diverticulum  
  PDS-18 Rectal Cancer  
  PDS-19 Mesenteric vein Thrombsis (Infarcted Gangrenous Intestine)  


Liver and Pancreas

  Code Item description Remarks
  PDS-20 Chronic Venous Congestion (Nutmeg Liver)  
  PDS-21 Liver Cirrhosis  
  PDS-22 Fatty Change of Liver (by Alcoholism)  
  PDS-23 Hepatocellular Carcinoma  
  PDS-24 Metastasis Liver  
  PDS-25 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis  
  PDS-26 Liver Echinococcus  
  PDS-27 Acute Pancreatitis  
  PDS-28 Cancer Pancreas  


Respiratory system

  Code Item description Remarks
  PRS-1 Carcinoma larynx  
  PRS-2 Carcinoma Trachea  
  PRS-3 Bronchopneumonia  
  PRS-4 Lobar Penumonia  
  PRS-5 Lung Abscess  
  PRS-6 Caseous TB Lung  
  PRS-7 Miliary TB Lung  
  PRS-8 Emphysema  
  PRS-9 Bronchiectasis  
  PRS-10 Carcinoma Lung  
  PRS-11 Metastasis Lung  
  PRS-12 Massive Pulmonary Embolism  
  PRS-13 Smoker Lungs  


Cardiovascular system

  Code Item description Remarks
  PCS-1 Aorta Atherosclerosis  
  PCS-2 Aorta Aneurysm  
  PCS-3 Coronary Aterosclerosis  
  PCS-4 Rrheumatic Valve desease  
  PCS-5 Atrial septal defect  
  PCS-6 Myocardial Infarction (recent)  
  PCS-7 Healed Myocardial Infarction  
  PCS-8 Ventricular aneurysm after MI  
  PCS-9 Pericarditis  
  PCS-10 Hypertensive Heart Left Ventricle Hypertrophy  
  PCS-11 Acute Endocarditis  
  PCS-12 Metastasis Heart  
  PCS-13 Heart Prosthetic device  
  PCS-14 Кальциноз аортального клапана  
  PCS-15 Bovine Heart  
  PCS-16 Miocarditis  
  PCS-17 Mitral Stenosis  


Kidney and collecting system

Code Item description Remarks
  PK-1 Renal cell carcinoma  
  PK-2 Chronic end stage kidney disease  
  PK-3 Wilm's tumor  
  PK-4 Hydronephrosis  
  PK-5 Chronic Pyelonephritis  
  PK-6 Polycystic Kidney  
  PK-7 Chronic glomerulonephritis  
  PK-8 Tuberculosis Kidney  
  PK-9 Infarction Kidney  
  PK-10 Kidney Amyloidosis  
  PK-11 Renal calculi  
  PK-12 Urinary Bladder Calculi  
  PK-13 Carcinoma Urinary Bladder  


Male genital system

Code Item description Remarks
  PMS-1 Benign Prostate Hyperplasia  
  PMS-2 Prostate Cancer  
  PMS-3 Carcinoma penis  
  PMS-4 Seminoma testis  
  PMS-5 Teratoma testis  


Female genital system

Code Item description Remarks
  PFS-1 Dermoid Cyst Ovary  (Cystic Teratoma)  
  PFS-2 Carcinoma Ovary  
  PFS-3 Ovarian cystadenoma  
  PFS-4 Ectopic pregnancy  
  PFS-5 Leiomyoma Uterus  
  PFS-6 Endometrial polyps  
  PFS-7 Acute cervicitis  
  PFS-8 Chronic endometritis  
  PFS-9 Endometriosis  
  PFS-10 Endometrial Carcinoma  
  PFS-11 Carcinoma vagina  


Endocrine system

Code Item description Remarks
  PES-1 Thyroid Multinodular Colloid Goiter  
  PES-2 Thyroid Adenoma  
  PES-3 Thyroid Carcinoma  
  PES-4 Adrenal gland tumor  
  PES-5 Thyroid Atrophy (Hashimoto Thyroiditis)  


Central nervous system

Code Item description Remarks
  PNS-1 Brain Abscess  
  PNS-2 Brain Infraction  
  PNS-3 Intraventricular Hemorrhage  
  PNS-4 Meningioma  
  PNS-5 Brain Primary Tumor  
  PNS-6 Metastasis Brain  
  PNS-7 Brain Sclerosis  
  PNS-8 Hydrocephalus  



Code Item description Remarks
  PS-1 Lipoma  
  PS-2 Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin  
  PS-3 Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin  
  PS-4 Psoriasis  
  PS-5 Molluscum contagiosum Skin  
  PS-6 Malignant Melanoma  
  PS-7 Liposarcoma  
  PS-8 Vesicular Mole  



Code Item description Remarks
  PB-1 Fibroodenoma Breast  
  PB-2 Fibrocystic Breast  
  PB-3 Breast Carcinoma  
  PB-4 Paget's Desease of Nipple  
  PB-5 Breast Galactocele  


Limphatic and immune system

Code Item description Remarks
  PIS-1 Congestive spleenomegaly  
  PIS-2 Malignant (Hodgkins) Lymphoma  
  PIS-3 Instestinal Lymphoma  
  PIS-4 Metastasis L. Node  
  PIS-5 Caseous necrosis Lymph node  
  PIS-6 Lymphangioma  
  PIS-7 Lymphoma Spleen