All our miological specimens are prepared by polymeric embalming. The majority of the fasciae are removed. All anatomical topographic features are demonstrated. The following list includes only typical anatomical specimens commonly used as visual teaching aids in medical schools and colleges of all levels. Complex, custom featured, and specially treated specimens for advanced or specific courses of Human Anatomy, Surgical Topographical Anatomy or Demonstrative Surgery are available upon customer request and specifications.

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Code Item description Remarks
  M-1 Head and neck musculature Sagittal section specimen
  M-2 Suboccipetal group of muscles
  M-3 Muscles of mastication Muscles of mastication are shown in cranial sagittal section specimen. Photo
  M-4 Deep musculature of back
  M-5 Diaphragm
  M-6 Topographical anatomy of anterior abdominal wall External abdominal ring, inguinal triangle, and gluteal region; linea alba, a sheath and tendinous inscriptions of mm. rectus abdominis
  M-7 Intrinsic muscles of upper extremity
  M-8 Musculature of hand Photo
  M-9 External and internal pelvic muscles Photo
  M-10 Intrinsic muscles of lower extremity
  M-11 Musculature of foot
  M-12 Muscular gross-specimen (miological specimen of whole body) The right side of the cadaver is prepared to demonstrate superficial muscles and the left half is processed for demonstration of profound musculature and deep formations. Photo
  M/H-1 Horizontal sections of head at different levels Set of 5 transparent slices
  M/H-2 Frontal sections of head at different levels Set of 4 transparent slices
  M/H-3 Median  section of head
  M/H-4 Sagittal sections of head at level of orbit Set of 2 transparent slices
  MSN Horizontal sections of neck at different levels
Set of 3 transparent slices
  MST Horizontal sections of body trunk Set of 18 transparent slices
  MSA Horizontal sections of abdominal organs Set of 4 transparent slices
  MSP Horizontal sections of pelvis Set of 4 transparent slices
  MSUL Transparent slices of Upper limb Set of 12 slices (10 horizontal - brachium and forearm, 1 sagittal - elbow region, 1 coronal - manus)
  MSLL Transparent slices of Lower limb Set of 12 slices (10 horizontal - tight and leg, 1 sagittal - khee region, 1 sagittal - foot)
  MSB Horizontal slices of Whole body, inlcuding head neck and limbs
set of 50 slices
  OS/MIO Assembled human skeleton with marked spots of muscles attachments Osteological specimen