Discrete Histology and Regional Normal Micromorphology

Code Item description Remarks
  H-1 Spinal ganglion H&E
  H-2 Sympathetic ganglion Silver impregnation method
  H-3 Parasympathetic ganglion Silver impregnation method
  H-4 Spinal cord Silver impregnation method / H&E
  H-5 Spinal cord histogram (cervical segment) H&E. Also see CNS
  H-6 Spinal cord histogram (thoracic segment) H&E. Also see CNS
  H-7 Spinal cord histogram (lumbar segment) H&E. Also see CNS
  H-8 Medulla oblongata (histogram) Silver impregnation method / H&E. Also see CNS
  H-9 Pons (histogram) Silver impregnation method / H&E. Also see CNS
  H-10 Cerebellum (histogram) Silver impregnation method / H&E. Also see CNS
  H-11 Mesencephalon (histogram) Silver impregnation method / H&E. Also see CNS
  H-12 Diencephalon (histogram) Silver impregnation method / H&E. Also see CNS
  H-13 Grey matter of cerebrum cortex Silver impregnation method / H&E. Also see CNS
  H-14 Free nerve endings Silver impregnation method + haemotoxylin. Call
  H-15 Meissner's corpuscles of skin Silver impregnation method. Call
  H-16 Pacinian corpuscles of connective tissue Masson's trichrome. Call
  H-17 Ruffini corpuscles of the sole H&E. Call
  H-18 Neuromuscular spindle H&E / Masson's trichrome. Call
  H-19 Choroid plexus H&E
  H-20 Corner of human eye (ciliary body) H&E
  H-21 Back wall of the eye H&E
  H-23 Cornea H&E
  H-24 Human eye horizontal section (thin histogram) H&E. Also see CNS
  H-25 Optic nerve H&E + van Gieson method
  H-26 Lacrymal gland H&E
  H-27 Eye development (eye of rodent pig fetus) H&E. Call
  H-28 The ear (the histogram of the horizontal section through the vestibulo-cohlear apparatus) H&E. Also see CNS
  H-29 The cochlear and Organ of Corti (axial section) H&E
  H-30 Tympanic membrane H&E
  H-31 External auditory meatus H&E
  H-31 Auditory (Eustachian) canal H&E
  H-32 Vestibule receptor organs of the saccule and utricle (macula and crista ampularis) H&E
  H-33 Filiform, fungiform, and circumvallate papillae H&E
  H-34 Tongue H&E
  H-35 Palatine tonsil H&E
  H-36 Parotid salivary gland H&E
  H-37 Submandibular salivary gland H&E
  H-38 Sublingual salivary gland H&E
  H-39 Longitudinal undecalcified section of the tooth (diamond tool surfacing) Unstained
  H-40 Longitudinal decalcified section of the tooth, gingival attachment, and gum H&E
  H-41 Early tooth development (dental papilla) of the fetus H&E. Call
  H-42 Tooth histogenesis (later stage of tooth development) of the fetus H&E. Call
  H-43 Lip (histogram) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-44 Transition zone of the lip (hairy skin-transitional zone-oral mucosa) H&E
  H-45 Palatal mucosa H&E
  H-46 Oesophagus (horizontal section histogram) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-47 Oesophago-gastric junction H&E
  H-48 Body of stomach H&E / PAS + H&E
  H-49 Pyloric stomach H&E / PAS + H&E
  H-50 Gastroduodenal junction H&E / PAS + H&E
  H-51 Duodenum H&E / PAS + H&E
  H-52 Small intestine H&E / PAS + H&E
  H-53 Colon H&E / Van Gieson method
  H-54 Ileo-caecal junction H&E / PAS + H&E
  H-55 Recto-anal junction H&E / PAS + H&E
  H-56 Appendix H&E
  H-57 Pancreas H&E / Gomori's chrome alum haematoxylin / Phloxine method. Call
  H-58 Pancreas Immunoperoxidase method for glucagon-secreting cells. Call
  H-59 Pancreas (blood supply of endocrine pancreas) Carmine perfused blood vessels + Haematoxyllin. Call
  H-60 Main pancreatic duct H&E
  H-61 Liver H&E / PAS + Haematoxyllin / Reticulin method / Perl's Prussian blue / Perfusion method
  H-62 Gall bladder H&E
  H-63 Common hepatic duct H&E
  H-64 Kidney (histogram) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-65 Kidney H&E / Methenamine silver / Toluidine blue / PAS + Haematoxylin / Azan / Carmine-gelatin perfuzed
  H-66 Renal papilla Azan
  H-67 Ureter H&E / Masson's trichrome
  H-68 Bladder H&E / Masson's trichrome
  H-69 Pituitary gland in sella turcica (histogram) H&E. Also see CNS
  H-70 Pituitary stalk and hypothalamus/hypophysis connection H&E
  H-71 Pituitary gland Modified azan (by Heidenhiden) / Isamine blue + Eosin
  H-72 Thyroid gland H&E
  H-73 Parathyroid gland H&E
  H-74 Adrenal gland (hystogram) H&E. Also see CNS
  H-75 Adrenal gland H&E / Azan / Chrome salt fixation + H&E
  H-76 Pineal gland H&E
  H-77 Testis in scrotum (histogram, sagittal plane) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-78 Seminiferous tubules H&E
  H-79 Rete testis (mediastenum testis) H&E
  H-80 Epididimis H&E
  H-81 Ductus deferens H&E
  H-82 Seminal vesicle H&E
  H-83 Prostate gland (histogram) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-84 Prostate gland and prostate urethra H&E
  H-85 Penis (cross-section) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-86 Penis, corpus cavernosum urethrae and penile urethra H&E
  H-87 Ovary (histogram) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-88 Ovary H&E / Azan
  H-89 Corpus luteum H&E
  H-90 Oviduct H&E / Azan
  H-91 Uterus of the immature female H&E
  H-92 Uterus of the adult (prolifirative endometrium) H&E
  H-93 Uterus of the adult (secretory endometrium) H&E
  H-94 Uterus of the adult (menstruation) H&E
  H-95 Uterus of the woman of the post-reproductive age (post menopausal endometrium) H&E
  H-96 Myometrium (non pregnant uterus) H&E
  H-97 Myometrium (pregnancy) H&E. Call
  H-98 Uterine cervix H&E
  H-99 Vagina H&E / Masson's trichrome
  H-100 Early placenta (6weeks) H&E. Call
  H-101 Term placenta H&E
  H-102 Fetal membranes H&E
  H-103 Umbilical cord H&E
  H-104 A breast of the non-pregnant woman in reproductive age H&E
  H-105 A breast of the pregnant H&E. Call
  H-106 A breast of the breast-feeding woman H&E. Call
  H-107 Nipple H&E
  H-108 Tendon (longitudinal section) H&E
  H-109 Skeletal muscle insertion into common tendon H&E
  H-110 Skeletal muscle insertion into bone Phosphotungstic acid + Haematoxylin
  H-111 Active periosteum (developing fetal long bone) H&E. Call
  H-112 Direct osteogenesis H&E
  H-113 Indirect osteogenesis H&E
  H-114 Compact bone (ground cross-section) Unstained
  H-115 Compact bone (ground longitudinal section) Unstained
  H-116 Compact bone (transverse section) H&E
  H-117 Flat bone H&E
  H-118 Skull bone(Diploe of cranium) H&E
  H-119 Cancellous (spongy) bone of lower extremity (longitudinal section) H&E
  H-120 Osteoblasts and osteoid Goldner's trichrome. Call
  H-121 Synovial membrana H&E
  H-122 Articular cartilage H&E
  H-123 Intramembranous ossification H&E
  H-124 Intervertebral disc (histogram) H&E + Alcian blue. Also see Sindesmology
  H-125 Epiphysis H&E + Alcian blue
  H-126 Metaphysis (Endochondral ossification) H&E + Alcian blue
  H-127 Woven bone of fetus H&E. Call
  H-128 Bone remodeling and repair H&E. Also see Pathology. Call
  H-129 Bone marrow H&E
  H-130 Mature periosteum H&E / Masson's trichrome
  H-131 Hyaline cartilage H&E / Toluidine blue
  H-132 Fibrocartilage H&E / H&E + Alcian blue
  H-133 Elastic cartilage H&E / Van Geison method
  H-134 Thick skin (Planar surface of the finger) H&E / Masson's trichrome / Toluidine blue
  H-135 Thin skin (abdominal dermal layer) H&E / Van Geison method
  H-136 Pubic skin H&E
  H-137 Scalp skin H&E / Masson's trichrome
  H-138 Scalp skin (transverse section of hair follicles) H&E
  H-139 Skin of a Genitalia (prepucium and glans) H&E
  H-140 Armpit derma H&E
  H-141 Finger nail H&E
  H-142 External nose (alar section) H&E
  H-143 Nasal sinus H&E / H&E + Alcian blue
  H-144 Trachea (histogram) H&E. Also see Viscerology
  H-145 Trachea at its cartilage ring level H&E + Alcian blue
  H-146 Primary bronchus Van Geison method + Alcian blue
  H-147 Tertiary (segmental) bronchus H&E / Van Geison method
  H-148 Lung (segment arteries and bronchi) H&E / Van Geison method + Alcian blue
  H-149 Thin section of lung (alveoli) Toluidine blue
  H-150 Lung and visceral pleura H&E
  H-151 Neurovascular bandle H&E
  H-152 Muscular vein H&E / Van Geison method
  H-153 Muscular artery H&E / Van Geison method
  H-154 Aorta (elastic artery) H&E / Van Geison method
  H-155 Superior vena cava H&E / Van Geison method
  H-156 Inferior vena cava H&E / Van Geison method
  H-157 Vein and its valve H&E
  H-158 Heart: wall of ventricle (endocardium and myocardium) H&E / Masson's trichrome
  H-159 Heart: wall of ventricle (pericardium and myocardium) H&E / Masson's trichrome
  H-160 Purkinje fibers in a heart H&E
  H-161 Heart valve H&E / Van Geison method
  H-162 Lymph duct H&E
  H-163 Lymph node H&E / Reiculin method + Neutral red
  H-164 Cortical distribution of T and B lymphocytes Immunoperoxidase method for B limphocytes / Immunoperoxidase method for T limphocytes
  H-165 Peyer's patches (colonic lymphoid aggreagations) H&E / Immunoperoxidase method for B limphocytes / Immunoperoxidase method for T limphocytes
  H-166 Spleen H&E / Reticulin Method + Neutral Red
  H-167 Thymus H&E