All specimens are prepared by polymeric embalming. The preserved natural color enables the differentiation between white and gray matter in any sections. The following list includes only typical anatomical specimens commonly used as demonstrative aids in medical schools and colleges of all levels. Combined, complex, stratified, dyed, stained, cavities/vessels injected and other treated and other custom processed specimens for special and advanced courses of Human Neuroanatomy are available by order with customer specifications.

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    This page includes:

Spinal cord

Code Item description Remarks
  CNS-1 Spinal Cord with Membranes
  CNS-2 Spinal Cord in the vertebral (neural) canal Thoracic region. Photo
  CNS-3 Spinal Cord with membranes (in vertebra) Horizontal section through the body of vertebra.


Code Item description Remarks
  CNS-4 Encephalon and Myelon Frontal section of head and cervical region of the vertebral column; brain is partially removed
  CNS-5 Pons, cerebellum, and medulla
  CNS-6 Cerebellar Peduncles Cerebellum is partially removed
  CNS-6S Section of the cerebellum For demonstration all inner structures of the cerebellum. Sheet plastination. Photo
  CNS-7 Diencephalon and Brainstem (midbrain, pons, medulla, and their derivates) Forebrain and cerebellum are partially removed. Photo
  CNS-8 Midsaggital section of the brain Photo
  CNS-9 Horisontal sections of brain at different levels Set of 4 sheet slices. Sheet plastination. Photo
  CNS-10 Forebrain with lateral ventricles Horizontal section
  CNS-11 Brain, Gross-specimen
  CNS-12 Brain blood supply, Gross-specimen Arteries are injected with dyeing media. Photo
  CNS-13 Brain and cranial nerves
  CNS-14 Frontal sections of brain at different levels Set of 5 sheet slices. Sheet plastination. Photo
  CNS-15 Dura mater Brain is removed, all sinuses of dura mater are filled with colored solid media. Photo


Sensor organs

Code Item description Remarks
  SENS-1 Eye in the orbit Photo
  SENS-2 External ear (auricle)
  SENS-3 External auditory meatus, ear drum, and middle ear
  SENS-4 Auditory ossicles (malleus, incus, stapes)
  SENS-5 Inner ear