• /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocr-1a.jpg

    OCR-1A Whole Skull with articulated mandible and implanted teeth

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocr-2.jpg

    OCR-2 Whole Skull without mandible

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocr-3.jpg

    OCR-3 Horizontal Skull Section (parietal and basal parts)

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocr-4_1.jpg

    OCR-4_1 Frontal Skull Sections (4 parts)

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocr-4_2.jpg

    OCR-4_2 Frontal Skull Sections (4 parts)

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocr-5.jpg

    OCR-5 Midsagittal Skull Section

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocrs-1.jpg

    OCRS-1 Full set of separated Skull Bones

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocrs-2.jpg

    OCRS-2 Full set of assembled Skull Bones

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocrs-7.jpg

    OCRS-7 Temporal bone is opened for demonstration of the tympanic cavity and osseous labyrinth

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ole-11.jpg

    OLE-1 Female pelvis

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ole-21.jpg

    OLE-2 Male pelvis

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/os_angio.jpg

    OS/ANGIO Assembled human skeleton with blood-vascular system and marked optimal spots for large arteries pressing (bleeding prevention)

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/os-1.jpg

    OS-1 Human skeleton

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/os-2.jpg

    OS-2 Full set of human bones

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/oue-1.jpg

    OUE-1 Scapula, clavicle and all arm bones

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ocr-6.jpg

    OCR-6 Skull base

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/os_mio_-_kopiya.jpg

    OS/MIO Assembled human skeleton with marked spots of muscles attachments

  • /images/cms/data/galereya/osteologiya/ot-11.jpg

    OT-1 A vertebral column with a pelvis