Address: Melnichnaya street 20 A, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 192019
    Mailing address: Repishcheva street 9 - 94, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 197375
    Phones: (+7812) 9569765; (+7812) 9518592
    Fax: (+7812) 303-18-53


    In order to receive our catalogue, please send us your order, indicating your name and occupation. If you wish to order specimens which are not in the catalogue please provide us with a detailed description of the specimen required.

    In the IMC you can also place an order for morphologic research, a special teaching course or an anatomic exhibition.

    We teach polymer embalming method for specialists in morphology from educational institutions. We also offer sets of equipment and chemicals for polymeric embalming labs.

    Thank you very much for visiting our website!

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