The International Morphological Centre was created by joint efforts of Russian and international morphologists and plastinators for the purpose of research and promotion of polymeric embalming, plastination and other new morphological techniques. Its activity is aimed at the development of international cooperation in the field of anatomy and improvement of work conditions at chairs dealing with morphology.

The IMC also realizes scientific researches and provides training in polymeric embalming as well as popularizes medical knowledges.

We specialize in preparation of natural and non-toxic specimens for teaching Human Anatomy, Histology, Surgical Anatomy, Demonstrative Surgery, General and Forensic Pathology, Veterinary Medicine and Biology.

Our highly skilled professional anatomists create unique anatomical specimens. With the help of modern technology they are transformed into environmentally friendly, non-toxic visual teaching aids of unlimited working life, which can be used for many decades without ANY special care. We work closely with physicians, pathologists and zoologists. This cooperation permits us to produce scarce specimens and satisfy some of the most difficult and unique demands.

All our specimens are legally obtained through different programs with the permit for their commercial distribution worldwide in full accordance with international and Russian laws.

Research on new methodology of anatomical specimens' production with the use of new polymeric materials has been conducted in the IMC laboratories with the emphasis on ecological and harmless methods. Our Research and Development group has developed a number of original techniques for polymeric embalming, most of which are covered by Russian patents.

The use of our anatomic specimens and new technology for studies of anatomy in educational institutions has a great potential and is quite profitable. The International Morphological Centre has received a number of certificates from leading Russian medical high schools and foreign universities.